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"Last Valentine’s Day, I concocted a plan that was a sure way to reignite the purest passion. I thought that one night would jump start my refocus, not create such a sticky situation." 

Cyanna Davis is desperate to give her husband Shemar the one thing that she knew he desired most--a son. After trying with no success, she takes her doctor's advice and tries to put the fun back into trying to conceive. With it being Valentine's Day she figured that would be the best time to spice up things. Her being willing to do whatever it took to make their dream a reality causes her to move recklessly, and the end result will have her question was it all worth it?

Sticky Situation



I left a piece of me when I moved from my hometown.

Two years ago, Summer ran away from everything reminding her of the biggest mistake she’d ever made. Being in a new city allowed her to reinvent herself, but it too turned her into a person that she didn’t even know; a fraction of the woman she used to be.

Summer was content being a loner until a random invitation for a fun-filled steamy night and an encounter with a man there causes her to struggle with her new and old self.

Tre represents everything Summer feels she doesn’t deserve. Will she forgive herself and begin to enjoy all that life has to offer, or will she again run away when things get sticky?

Sticky Situation 2





Duval County, home to the Jacksonville Florida Jaguars, taught Tyree Morris many lessons through loss. She’d lost her mother at a young age, her father years later, and she even almost lost herself in heartbreak. But now, at twenty-one years old, life is on the upswing. Tyree hit the jackpot with superstar wide receiver, Kamaal Duval. They were instantly smitten with each other from the first time they met. And after two years of dating, Tyree is convinced she has found forever in Kamaal.

She feels like royalty sitting high on the throne beside her boyfriend, the hometown hero and king of Jacksonville, until a press conference by Kamaal’s rival unveils a salacious scandal for the world to see. Desperate to find herself and unsure of who she can trust, Tyree runs to the least expected place for refuge. But the sudden reappearance of an old love interest gives her more than she was looking for.

They say the best way to get over one man is to get under another. But when unresolved feelings, complacency, and loneliness threaten to impede her process of self-discovery and independence, Tyree is left to wonder if rushing into love could cause more damage than good.

Deliver Me from Duval Part 1


Tyree never knew how many shades of gray existed in a world she used to view through black and white lenses. Before, everything was clear. Right and wrong, fair and unfair, faithful versus unfaithful.
  Kamaal versus Aiyden.
 After Kamaal’s betrayal, embarrassment, and attack, Aiyden was the easy choice because he was who her heart was safest. That was until she found out Aiyden’s secret he hid from her, wiping away his innocence, and leaving her to question: who can she run to?
 The tragedy that stuck Kamaal’s son keeps Tyree close to her ex, forcing her to deal with feelings that she rather forget.
 Being faced with tough choices, Tyree learns that some decisions aren’t as clear as others when her heart and mind are tugging her in different directions. She’s caught up in an emotional web, and some of the moves she makes cause her to fear that she would no longer be a choice.
 Is the lesser of two evils a smart strategy when love is involved? How can she build a future when the past won’t let her go?

 Deliver Me from Duval: Eyes Wide Open


Like the hands on a ticking clock,  life is coming back around for Tyree. She’s three years older and wiser, but some things remain the same. 
Sharing a daughter with NFL superstar, Kamaal Duval, keeps her connected to and reminded of feelings she’s fought hard to forget. She’s been fooled twice before and refuses to lose a third time. 
Just like Tyree, Kamaal has moved on with life, settling for what he can get since he can’t have what he desires most. He’s adjusted to his new normal and feels he’ll be fine as long as things remain okay. 
Until they aren’t.
Lessons and glimpses into a possibility of wholeness gives Kamaal a new take on life, giving him the push he needs to fight for what he wants. 
Just like a game on any given Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, the battle for love Isn’t over until It’s over. Kamaal could only hope Tyree is willing to show up to play.  
This is the conclusion of the Duval series.  


The tragedy of losing his father at an impressionable age led to mistakes that caused Kai Mathis to become indebted to a powerful and dangerous man. As he got older, his punishment turned into a reward and being at the top of a deadly criminal empire was enough for Kai… until Harper.

Kai is ready to move toward forever with the love of his life, Harper Jean, but feels that he can’t do so with the secret of his double life looming over him. He is ready to leave his life of crime behind him, but Kai’s decision to sever ties from the organization backfires and puts Harper’s life in danger.

Harper Jean has never known how great love can be until she met Kai Mathis. After many failed relationships, she is with a man that she can love and trust freely. She has a secret of her own but is unable to reveal it due to a quick grim turn of events that has her and Kai on the run for their lives.

While fighting to stay alive, their relationship is tested, and their secrets are revealed making them question if their love can prevail or if they truly knew each other at all.

I Thought I Knew


Desmend is enjoying his newfound legitimacy, as well as reaping residual benefits of his former fast life.

Money and women.

Living by the motto ‘It ain’t tricking if you got it,’ he’s known for splurging on beautiful women. Fly by flings were all he needed until Leila gave him a glimpse of something he’s never had.

Leila is looking for a love like the one her best friend Harper found, but she’s in no rush to find it. She’s heard of Desmend’s salacious reputation and is curious, but tucks those desires away when he needs her professionally.

Leila comes to help Desmend with his daughter, but she ends up becoming so much more, and it changes his idea of what he thought he wanted and needed. When the fear of losing control and ghosts from the past intervene, he must decide what matters most. Control or companionship?

**Desmend and Leila were introduced in I Thought I Knew.

Never Knew I Needed You


After a recent breakup, Camryn Southern is coerced into attending a singles' cruise to shake back and dive back into the dating pool. She expected nothing more from the trip than relaxing in the crystal blue, wide-open ocean.

A brief encounter with Sylvester Cameron, her much older and still very handsome former professor who she had a crush on years ago, shows Camryn that he sees her for the thirty-year-old woman she is now, and not the barely-legal adult he taught years before, giving her the impression that her fantasies could turn into a reality.

Choosing to succumb to their mutual attraction, the two navigate through uncharted waters while sailing the ocean. Can they overcome the obstacles standing in their way of making things official on land? Or will they decide their romance is best left at sea?

Silver Lining



On Hallows’ Eve, plenty like to scare.
Not Camryn, she just has news to share.
She’s dressed the part, thinking it neat
to play a trick on Sylvester that will turn into a treat.
**Update on main characters of Silver Lining



Life had been dealing Malik Johnson an unfavorable hand, and the threat of losing the business he worked hard for changed him for the worst without him realizing it. Malik's wife Rayne knew that time with his family away from their problems was just what they needed. She had been counting down the days until their Christmas family vacation … that was until Malik decided to cancel at the last minute. Unable to take another loss, Rayne decided to take the trip alone and use the time to evaluate their marriage and decide the next best step for them. While she’s away, she gets a glimpse of the single life and causes her to question if that was what her future held.

Will the snapshot of a single life propel Rayne to turn the temporary predicament a permanent one, or will it motivate her to do whatever it took to get them back to a place of happiness?

Back to Us: A Christmas Novelette